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Vanilla Extract recipe

Here’s how to make your own vanilla extractat home and it’s so much better than the commonly purchased commercialvariety…plus it makes a wonderful gift, too!

Recipe: Vanilla Extract

6 vanilla beans, split
1 (fifth) bottle vodka

  • Combine split beans with vodka in a 1-quartglass jar.
  • Store jar in a dark, cool place for aminimum of 2 months, however, the longer time stored, the strongerand better flavored your homemade vanilla will be. Some preferto store homemade vanilla for up to 1 year before using.

    Makes 1 quart.

    Making Vanilla Extract

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    Split the vanilla bean lengthwise. Remove a bit of booze from the bottle, and stuff both halves of the vanilla bean into the bottle. Close the lid and let the vanilla bean steep for at least one week. Like most things, vanilla extract gets better with age, so make a few bottles!

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