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Turkey Loco recipe

Barbecuing the Thanksgiving turkey freesthe kitchen for other uses. To make turkey loco, a popular Mexicantechnique for barbecuing chicken is used — the bird is splitand butterflied to cook more quickly. Lime juice adds tart flavorto the crisp, burnished skin.

Recipe: Turkey Loco

1 (10 to 12-pound) turkeyAbout 4 limes, cut into halvesAbout 4 teaspoons dry oreganoSalt and freshly ground pepper to taste

  • reserve turkey neck and giblets for otheruses, if desired. Using poultry shears or a sharp, heavy knife,cut through turkey down length of backbone. Pull turkey openand lay it on a flat surface, breast down; press to flatten (someribs will crack). Pull off and discard lumps of fat. Rinse turkeyand pat dry. (At this point, you may cover and refrigerate untilnext day.)
  • Prepare barbecue for indirect grilling:Ignite about 50 charcoal briquets in a barbecue with a lid. Whenthe coals are covered with gray ash (after 30 to 40 minutes),push an equal number to opposite sides of the grate or arrangethem around the grate’s perimeter. Evenly distribute 5 or 6 briquetson the coals, then set a foil drip pan on the grate between thecoals. Place grill 4 to 6-inches above the coals.
  • Lay flattened bird, breast up, on grillabove drip pan. Squeeze and rub 1 or 2 lime halves over turkey;sprinkle with oregano, then sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper.Cover barbecue and adjust vents as needed to maintain an evenheat. Every 30 minutes, squeeze and rub 1 or 2 more lime halvesover turkey and add 5 or 6 more briquets to each side of coalsevery 30 minutes to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Cook turkey until meat thermometer insertedin thickest part of breast (not touching bone) registers 170°F(80°C), about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Transfer turkey to a platter. To carve,cut off wings and slice breast; cut off legs and slice meat fromthighs.

    Makes 12 to 16 servings.

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