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Tipsy Cake recipe

According to Wikipedia, tipsy cake is anEnglish sweet cake dessert that originated in the mid-18th century.This Irish version is made with cubes of sponge cake, coatedin jam, laced with Irish whiskey and sherry and topped with vanillapudding and sweetened whipped cream.

Recipe: Tipsy Cake

1 pound stale sponge, pound and/or angelfood cake
3 tablespoons jam (any flavor desired)
1 ounce Irish whiskey
5 ounces sherry
1 (4-serving size) vanilla pudding and pie filling (not instant)or 2 cups warm homemade custard
2 cups lightly sweetened whipped cream or nondairy topping

  • Break up the cake or cakes and gentlymix the jam throughout, the mixture does not have to be completelyeven. Place in a glass bowl.
  • Mix sherry and whisky and sprinkle overcake. Press down lightly.
  • Prepare pudding mix according to packagedirections and pour warm pudding over the cake. Chill.
  • Spoon sweetened whipped cream over topand serve.

    Makes 4 servings.

    Cooking With Oonagh – Easy Kahlúa Tipsy Cake

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    There are food historians out there who recreate the recipes with incredible precision … But I loved the idea of using the recipes as an inspiration, adding modern equipment and knowhow.

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