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Super Scrumptious Smoothie recipe

Super Scrumptious Smoothie was createdby Valerie Zalen of Delmar, N.Y. Valerie was a runner up in themilk mustache campaign’s “Blend-Off/Send-Off” Contest,which was part of the Rodale “Fitness Goes Better With Milk”promotion that ran in Prevention, Runner’s World, Men’s Health,Bicycling and Heart & Soul magazines.

Recipe: Super ScrumptiousSmoothie

1 cup (8-ounces) fat free milk
5 to 7 large unsweetened frozen strawberries
1 medium ripe banana
1 tablespoon honey
6 ounces orange juice

  • Put all ingredients in a blender and pureeuntil smooth. If there is leftover smoothie, put it into smallplastic cups, put a stick in the middle and freeze. This makesgreat frozen fruit pops

    Makes 1 serving.

    Recipe provided courtesy of the NationalDairy Council.

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    One batch makes 4 smoothies, so you can store the rest in the fridge or freezer for a quick and convenient breakfast or snack anytime. Just plain milk?

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