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Stewed Potatoes recipe

visitor recipe“This is a plain old home recipe thatall Southerners love.” – Submitted by Lloyd Rushing of TexasCity, Texas USA.

Recipe: Stewed Potatoes

6 to 8 medium russet potatoesSalt to tasteBlack pepper to taste (most people liketo go a little heavy on pepper)6 to 8 slices of bacon for seasoning2 tablespoons all-purpose flour for thickening(I like this better than cornstarch)1/3 cup water2 ice cubes

  • Peel potatoes, cut in 3/4-inch cubes,and place in a deep pot. Cover with water. Fry bacon crisp, crumble.Add the bacon and fat to the potatoes. Bring to boil, then reduceheat to a simmer until potatoes are tender.
  • Place flour, water and ice cube in a smalljar. Put lid on and shake until flour is dissolved. Then whilegently stirring the potatoes, slowly add the flour-water untilthe soup in the potatoes reaches the desired thickness you want.

    Serves 6 to 8.

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