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Sev, Aroo, Aur Kubani Ki Chutney recipe

A delightful fruit concoction of apple,peach and apricots.

Recipe: Sev, Aroo, Aur KubaniKi Chutney

4 to 5 tart green apples, peeled and chopped3/4 cup dried peaches, quartered3/4 cup dried apricots1/2 cup golden raisins2 (1-inch) cubes fresh ginger, peeled& minced6 cloves garlic, mashed to a pulp1 3/4 cups white wine vinegar2 1/3 cups sugar2 teaspoons salt1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

  • Combine all ingredients in a heavy saucepanand bring to a boil. Turn heat to medium-lowand cook for about 30 minutes or untilyou have a thick, jam- like consistency.Stir frequently and turn the heat downslightly as the chutney thickens as it could stickto the bottom of the pan and scorch.
  • Let the chutney cool at room temperature.It will thicken more as it cools.Pour into a clean jar and cover with a nonmetalliclid. Store in refrigerator.

    Makes about 6 cups.

    Ramzan Butchet Pakwan – 4th Aug 2012 (Bohri Kabab and Aroo Chaat)

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