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Plum Cordial recipe

A sweet plum cordial to enjoy and to giveas gifts.

Recipe: Plum Cordial

3 pounds (7 cups) fresh purple plums,halved and pitted4 cups granulated sugar1 quart (4 cups) gin

  • In screw top jar, mix all ingredients.Cover tightly. Invert jar; let stand24 hours. Turn jar upright. Let stand 24hours. Repeat turning until sugar is dissolved.
  • Store in dark,cool place for two months. Strain through cheeseclothinto decanters. Cover.

    Makes 8 cups.

    titlinihaan dessert

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    Cover with water in a large preserving pan. Boil gently until soft and the pips start to break away from the plum. Drain the plums and catch all the liquid to use for cordial.


    Making this cordial the house filled with the most amazing plummy aromas, reminiscent of jam making, but thankfully so much easier. Want to share one of my photos or recipe on your website or your Instagram feed?

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