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Panino di Prosciutto e Mozzarella recipe

Panino is Italian for ‘sandwich’, and thisrecipe is a delicious example of Italian sandwich cuisine.


Recipe: Panino di Prosciuttoe Mozzarella

1 large sturdy baguette shaped roll
4 to 5 slices imported Italian prosciutto, about 1/8 pound
2 ounces fresh bocconcini, thickly sliced, drained on tea towels
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh ground black pepper
4 whole basil leaves

  • Cut the roll in half horizontally. Arrangethe prosciutto on the bottom half of the roll. Top the prosciuttowith the sliced mozzarella.
  • Drizzle some olive oil over the cheeseand grind black pepper on top. Arrange basil leaves over it alland cover with the top of the roll.Makes 1 big panino.Panino Prosciutto e Mozzarella – Grano RecipesIf the Panino di Prosciuttoe Mozzarella recipe was useful and interesting, you can share it with your friends or leave a comment.

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