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Mocha Chocolate Fluff recipe

An icy thick, spirited coffee and chocolatefrappe served topped with grated chocolate.

Recipe: Mocha Chocolate Fluff

1/2 cup hot strong coffee1 (1.65-ounce) bar milk chocolate, broken1/3 to 1/2 cup bourbon5 to 6 ice cubes1 pint vanilla ice creamGrated chocolate for garnish (optional)

  • Combine coffee and pieces of chocolatein container of an electric blender; blend mixture until smooth.Let cool.
  • Add bourbon and ice to coffee-chocolatemixture; blend until smooth. Add ice cream and blend until mixtureis smooth. Sprinkle individual servings with grated chocolate,if desired.

    Makes 1 quart.

    Hot Chocolate Mocha | SortedFood @ The Table Ep. 4

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