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Italian dessert

The number of traditional Italian desserts is probably equal to the number of cities and towns in this country. In other words – there are numerous Italian dessert recipes that are enjoyed by people all over the world. In case you have no much time to get acquainted with all those recipes than you can just follow from the north of the country to its southern part, because every region is famous for its own products and you will never find similar meals in different parts of Italy.

However, we are going to start with the most common and popular Italian dessert that is called tiramisu. You doubtfully haven’t tasted it yet. In case you haven’t, you should hurry up to the nearest Italian restaurant and try it as soon as possible. This traditional Italian dissert includes biscuits which are soaked in coffee and layered with soft and creamy Mascarpone. In addition tiramisu is dusted with cocoa powder which makes this taste unforgettable.


Italian dessert recipes


Another popular Italian dessert is so called “Italian ice cream” that is called gelato. It has several different mixtures. For example, strawberries and lemon – is a perfect choice during hot summer day. At the same time chocolate and vanilla mixture is an evergreen delicacy.

We are slowly moving from the Alps to the Po valley. In this part of the country German is spoken as if it is a native language. One of the most popular Italian dessert recipes here is strudel. It is a pastry roll that is full with apples, pine nuts and raisins. In order to get warm during a cold winter day you should try it with vin brul (mulled red wine).
As soon as we get closer to Milan we meet a traditional Italian Christmas dessert that is called Panettone. In fact it is a dome shaped cake which also contains raisins and candied fruits. Christmas is not a Christmas in Verona without Panettone.

At the same time Lombardy is famous for torta sbrisolona. Some of you have never heard of it. However it is one of the most popular desserts in this region. This cake looks like a cookie made of almonds, butter, brown sugar and grated orange zest. Modena is famous for its Italian dessert Torta Barozzi Mascarpone cream, which is typical to Vignola.
The central and southern part of Italy is famous for its extraordinary cakes such as Cassata Siciliana and refreshing Lemon Sorbetto.


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