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Horchata: Traditional Latin Beverage recipe

Horchata: Traditional Latin Beverage.

The creamy touch of the evaporated milk,together with the combination of rice and cinnamon, give thistraditional beverage a unique flavor and texture. It makes arefreshing and nutritious snack for you and your kids.

Recipe: Horchata: TraditionalLatin Beverage

1 cup white rice, rinsed, drained1 (3-inch) cinnamon stick4 cups hot water3/4 cup granulated sugar1 (12-ounce) can NESTL ® CARNATION®Evaporated MilkIce cubesPinch of ground cinnamonLime rind strips (optional)

  • Combine rice, cinnamon stick and waterin large bowl; cool. Cover; refrigerate for at least 2 hours,preferably overnight.
  • Remove cinnamon stick. Spoon rice intoblender container (reserve soaking water). Cover; blend on Highfor 3 to 4 minutes until mixture is as smooth as possible. Addthe reserved soaking water and sugar; blend for an additional2 minutes. Strain mixture through a cheesecloth or fine sieveinto a pitcher, pressing the rice solids until only a dry pasteremains; discard paste. Stir evaporated milk into the mixture.
  • To Serve: Pour into tall glasses withice cubes; sweeten with additional sugar, if desired. Sprinklewith cinnamon. Garnish with lime rind.

    Makes 6 servings.

    Nutritional Information Per Serving (1/6of recipe): Calories: 210 Calories from Fat: 35 Total Fat: 4g Saturated Fat: 3 g Cholesterol: 20 mg Sodium: 60 mg Carbohydrates:40 g Dietary Fiber: 0 g Sugars: 31 g Protein: 5 g

    Recipe and photograph are the propertyof Nestl ® and, used with permission.

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