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Haunted Forest Platter recipe

Haunted Forest Platter.

This imaginative forest is completely edible.

Recipe: Haunted Forest Platter

3 stalks of broccoli
3 medium beets
Wood toothpicks
3 hard-boiled eggs
Assorted vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, pea pods, kohlrabies,radishes, sweet red peppers, sweet yellow peppers, and shreddedcarrot
Ripe olives, pimiento-stuffed olives, and/or tiny sweet pickles1 ounce spaghetti, cooked and drained
Liquid green food coloring

  • To make a haunted forest, first createtrees. Cut bottoms from stalks of broccoli to make 6-inch broccolitrees. Slice beets about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick to make a basefor broccoli trees. Break wood toothpicks in half. Insert threeto four toothpick pieces into bottom of each broccoli stalk andthen insert into a beet slice. Stand broccoli upright. Coverto keep moist.
  • To make egg ghosts, use a small knifeor 1/2-inch aspic cutters to hollow out eyes and mouths to forma face. Cut small pieces of ripe olive to press into hollowed-outareas for eyes or mouth, if desired. Cover to keep moist.
  • Using your imagination, create creepycreatures with tomatoes, sweet peppers, pickles, olives, andradishes.
  • Place broccoli trees on serving platter.Cover surface of platter with shredded carrot. Hide egg ghostsin forest along with creepy creatures. Scatter piles of vegetablessuch as pea pods, beet slices, kohlrabi slices, olives, pickles,and/or any other desired vegetables. Add strips of red pepperto the broccoli branches.
  • To make moss, add a few drops of greenfood coloring to a small amount of water in a medium bowl. Addcooked spaghetti and let stand about 5 minutes. Drain and placeover broccoli trees. Keep platter covered until serving time.If necessary, spritz platter with water to keep it moist.

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