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German Chocolate Brownies recipe

German Chocolate Brownies.

A rich mixture of chocolate, coconut andpecans makes these super-easy ‘German chocolate’ brownies standout.

Recipe: German ChocolateBrownies

1 (18-ounce) package NESTL ®TOLL HOUSE® Brownie Bar Dough
1 (16-ounce) container coconut pecan frosting

  • Bake brownies according to package directions.Cool completely in pan on wire rack.
  • Spread frosting over brownies.

    Makes 12 bars.

    Recipe and photograph are the propertyof Nestl ® and, used with permission.

    German Chocolate Brownies

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    Some days I have a lot to say; however, today is not one of those days. So instead of telling you about the fact that right now my neighbor is wielding a broom while running around his backyard shooing away geese or about the fact that my dog has been incessantly licking my toes for the past 2 hours, I ll simply talk to you about German Chocolate Brownies. Mmmmmm! These look delicious! Just wondering though, if i were to make these with coco powder, how much would i use? That is, if I could use coco powder as a substitute for the chocolate pieces. Thank You!

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