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French dessert recipes

Would you like to learn more about French desserts? Then follow this article and find out interesting facts about different kinds of desserts as well as a couple of easy recipes that you will certainly find very useful in order to surprise the members of your family.
First of all, we are going to make you get acquainted with the most common and traditional desserts, which you can meet in the restaurants during your travel around this wonderful country. Here is a wide collection of easy and at the same time tasty French dessert recipes.
It is a very popular molded dessert which is served while being cold and may also include whipped cream, meringue, liqueur and chocolate. In English it is called Bavarian creams and can be ste with gelatin.

French dessert

French Cakes
Even despite the fact you will hardly meet the recipe of a French cake on the same basic preparation, the variety of these popular desserts is really overwhelming. The word itself that sounds like gateaux refers to bread which looks like cake and can include nut and fruits.

A wonderful French dessert that is made by dipping brioche or lady fingers in a liqueur. Then it is used in order to line a special mold filled with fruits and mousse as well as cold Bavarian creams.

Choux Pastry
It is one of the easiest French dessert recipes, which is an airy pastry that is made using butter, eggs, flour and water. First of all you should cook it on the stove top and bake it after that.

Cookies include a great variety of options. It will take hours to name all of them. However they are all very easy and fast to cook. Here are some of the most popular ones: sables, madeleines palmiers, macarons and many others.

Creams are used as the basis for other French desserts most of all. They always include a sort of custard sauce, an almond flavored cream, a butter cream frosting and pastry cream.

This is not the whole list of different interesting and delicious French desserts which are considered to the only competitors for Italian dessert recipes.

French dessert


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A perforated coeur a la creme mold is traditionally used to form this classic French heart-shaped dessert, though a mesh sieve makes a fine substitute.

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