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Farmer’s Omelette recipe

A hearty farmer-style breakfast all rolledinto a casserole made with eggs, cheese, ham and hash brown potatoes.

Recipe: Farmer’s Omelette

3 cups frozen hash brown potatoes18 large eggs, beaten2 1/3 cups chopped cooked ham1 1/4 cups chopped ripe tomato – divideduse1 cup chopped green bell pepper – divideduse1/3 cup chopped onion1 1/2 cups (6-ounces) shredded cheddaror Monterey Jack cheese

  • Cook potatoes according to package directions;drain well.
  • Combine potatoes, eggs, ham, 1 cup tomato,3/4 cup bell pepper, and onion in a large blow; stir well. Pourmixture into a lightly greased 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking dish.
  • Bake, uncovered, at 325°F (160°C)for 40 minutes. Top with remaining 1/4 cup tomato and 1/4 cupbell pepper. Sprinkle evenly with cheese. Bake an additional5 minutes or until cheese melts.

    Makes 12 servings.

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