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Easy Christmas Desserts

You can find hundreds of different types of Christmas desserts for kids. They can bring a lot of joy and happiness to children and some people think that they are even more important than presents. In addition nothing can be more charming when your kid is trying to help cooking easy Christmas dessert.The list of the most popular desserts may include different pies, cakes and cookies. In case you want to cook something special you can get the recipe of a pudding or something made with the use of gelatin. It’s very simple and fast to prepare. Sometimes you can just use your own imagination and decorate cookies to make them look like snowmen. The variety of options is endless.

Nevertheless the best Christmas desserts for kids are considered to be the ones that include the participation of your children. You will only have to choose an easy dessert such as Gingerbread cookies and create funny shapes using special cutters together. In addition you can use any decoration you want, sprinkles or frosting, for example.
The only thing that you should always keep in mind is the fact that a kid deserves a treat!

We would like to offer you several tasty and easy Christmas desserts that will be a perfect reward for your children who worked very hard to help you in preparing holiday dinner.
This dessert is called Chocolate Peppermint Bars and doesn’t only have a pretty look but also tastes delicious! While your kids are helping they are sure that these bars will be a special gift to Santa from them.

Christmas desserts for kids

For preparing this dessert you will need salted butter, a cup of sugar, one egg, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, chocolate chips and crushed candy canes. Another fast and easy option is Stroopwafels. Every kid loves waffles. This makes this dessert an exceptional choice for the holiday. These cookies take their origin in Netherlands and will become a marvelous treat for a jolly globetrotter.

Main ingredients for this dessert include 6 eggs, melted butter, sugar, vanilla extract, all purpose flour and baking powder.

In case you are eager to satisfy such a notorious sweet tooth as Santa, than Chocolate- and Peppermint-Covered Oreos will turn out to be the best bet for you.

This is probably the easiest and fastest dessert you have ever cooked. You will need 16 chocolates or vanilla sandwich cookies, wax paper, candy melts and dipping fork (both are available in any craft store). That’s all!


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