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Cranberry Mojito recipe

Cranberry Mojito.

What could be more refreshing than theflavor combination of fresh mint and cranberry? Cranberry Mojitooffers a sensational sip, with or without alcohol.

Recipe: Cranberry Mojito

4 brown sugar cubes10 mint leaves1/4 ounce Ocean Spray® Craisins®Sweetened Dried CranberriesJuice of 1 lime6 ounces Ocean Spray® Cranberry JuiceCocktail2 cups cubed ice1 sugar cane swizzle stick, garnish1 lime wedge, garnish1 mint sprig, garnish

  • Place sugar cubes, mint leaves, lime juiceand sweetened dried cranberries in large tumbler. Crush and combineingredients in glass using a muddling stick or spoon, until sweeteneddried cranberries and mint are minced and sugar is dissolved.Add cranberry juice and ice. Mix well.
  • Pour into a tall glass. Garnish with limewedge, swizzle stick and mint sprig.

    Makes 1 serving.

    Recipe and photograph provided courtesyof Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., through ECES, Inc., ElectronicColor Editorial Services.

    Cranberry Mojito

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