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Cinnamint Cappuccino recipe

Take a few minutes in the afternoon torelax and sip a cup of this aromatic cinnamon and mint-infusedcappuccino.

Recipe: Cinnamint Cappuccino

3 cups fat free skim or 1% lowfatmilk
2 cups regular-strength brewed coffee
1 bunch of fresh mint, about 1/2 cup tightly packed
4 cinnamon sticks or 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1 teaspoon mint syrup or 2 tablespoons creme de menthe,optional
1 small package cinnamon red hots
1 small bunch of fresh mint

  • Wash mint. Remove about a dozen leavesand reserve for garnish. Combine 2 cups of milk, coffee, washedmint stalks and leaves, and cinnamon sticks or powdered cinnamonin a small saucepan or microwave bowl or cup. Heat over a mediumflame or in microwave just until the liquid starts to steam anda few bubbles appear; don’t let it boil. Set aside and let steepfor at least fifteen minutes and as long as an hour.
  • For foamed milk, place 1 cup of hot milkin a blender container with the sugar. Cover with a vented lid.Blend until frothy, about 30 seconds. Switch the blender on andoff quickly to avoid splashing overflows, and then continue blending.
  • Pour coffee-mint mixture through a cleanstrainer into a pitcher or large measuring cup; if it has cooled,reheat without letting it come to a boil. Stir in the optionalmint syrup or creme de menthe.
  • Divide coffee among three serving cupsand spread foamed milk over each one. Sprinkle four or five red-hotsover foamed milk and garnish with two or three mint leaves.

    Makes 3 servings.

    Recipe provided courtesy of the NationalDairy Council.

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