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Christmas desserts

For some people Christmas means gifts, Santa Clause and, of course, Christmas tree. For others it is a perfect chance to meet with their relatives and friends. But all these things are united by the Christmas dinner which obligatory includes a tasty and sweet dessert that is a perfect ending for a happy and unforgettable holiday. There are numerous Christmas desserts and it will take years in order to speak about all of them. In order to make things easier we decided to make a list of the most interesting and original Christmas dessert recipes that are very delicious and at the same time very easy to cook.

Let’s start with a Christmas dessert which is called “Gingerbread House”. It is a very funny holiday recipe that comes to us right from a fairy tale. This is a traditional dessert that appeared from a German story about Hansel and Gretel. The fairy tale is about two kids which were lost in the wood and left by their parents. But when they suddenly find a house made of bread and candies magic starts to happen.

Another dessert is called “The Yule Log”. It is popular since the XIIth century. They used to cook it the following way: a freshly chopped piece of wood was brought into the house and sprinkled with mulled wine, oil and salt. Now it is a traditional pastry which is decorated like a log with holly leaves. In case you do not have much time for using Christmas dessert recipes remember the most favorite Santa’s meal. Yes. It is milk and cookies, dessert which is loved by all kids and will be a good addition to the Christmas Eve.

Christmas dessert recipes

Peanutty ChocolateTruffles recipeChess pie is a very easy southern recipe which includes eggs, butter, sugar and flour. Actually it is the same as cheesecake with only one exception, it does not contain cheese.
The next one is very a very interesting Christmas dessert that is featured by the story of the Nutcracker ballet. It is called “Sugar Plum Fairy Cake with Peppermint Filling” and is covered with a fondant sugar icing. It was created by a famous cake artist Debbie Pagel.

“Petite Pavlovas” was named after a popular Australian ballet dancer, whose name was Anna Pavlova. The dessert itself consists of meringue layers and has an unforgettable taste.
In conclusion we would like to finis our list with the “Traditional Christmas Pudding”. It is actually a cake with eggs, butter and wheat flower. It is one of the most famous desserts.

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