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Christmas dessert ideas

Christmas is about to come and everyone is getting ready for the holiday. People buy presents and prepare delicious dinner for their dearest guests. Despite the fact that the majority of us stick to traditional meals we would like to give you a couple of interesting Christmas dessert ideas. Using these recipes you will have an opportunity to make an unexpected and tasty surprise for your family.
We are going to start with a special candy chocolate tart. Now you can add to an ordinary tart and extra pop using inventive topping that will make it unbelievable. These gold topping will turn out to be a great addition to one of the best Christmas desserts. You will need ground cinnamon, a pinch of ground nutmeg, ground ginger (ј tsp), dark chocolate, that was already broken into pieces, grapeseed oil and popping candy. For decoration of the tart get cocoa powder and sheet edible gold leaf. In case you have all the necessary ingredients you are ready to cook.

Best Christmas desserts

Another great Christmas desert idea is a Sticky toffee pudding. Everyone loves it. In addition it is very simple to cook and you will get a perfect treat for a dinner time. Ingredients for this meal include roughly chopped pitted dates, mixed dried fruit, bicarbonate of soda, unrefined dark muscovado sugar, 2 eggs and butter and peanuts for the sauce. You do not have to be an expert in order to cook this pudding which is truly considered to be one of the best Christmas desserts ever. In addition it will take you less than an hour to prepare this meal and make all your guest feel really happy and excited with your skills.
In case you are expecting some special guests to visit you on Christmas Eve we have an outstanding dessert that will make them forget about everything. It is called “Caramel Christmas Wreath” and will turn out to be the best bet for the holiday dinner. It consists of sliced diamonds, butter or margarine (it’s up to you), water, salt, flour, 4 large eggs, raspberries, heavy cream, sugar and fresh meant which will be used for garnish. It will take some time and calls for patience and skills. However in case you do everything correctly you will get an outstanding result and all your guests will be surprised by this piece of art.
In conclusion we would like to say Bon Appetit and remind you about the fact that Christmas is not only deals with presents and dinner. It deals with love, generosity and kindness. Have a happy holiday!


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