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Chapatis recipe

Chapatis recipe

These discs of unleavened bread have adelicious flavor and chewy texture. Known also by several othernames including parathas, flatbread and fry bread. In India theyare cooked on the tawa or griddle and are held for a moment ortwo right over the fire. This makes them puff up like balloons.You can do this over a gas flame holding them with kitchen tongs.

Recipe: Chapatis

3 cups all-purpose flour – divided use1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons salt1 tablespoon gheeor vegetable oil (optional)1 cup lukewarm water

  • Whisk together 2 1/2 cups flour with thesalt, reserving 1/2 cup flour for rolling chapatis. Next rubin the ghee or oil, if desired. Add water all at once and mixto make a soft but pliable dough. (Dough should not be stiff.)
  • Knead dough on a lightly floured surfacefor at least 10 minutes (the more it is kneaded, the lighterthe bread will be).
  • Form dough into a ball, cover with clearplastic wrap and stand for 1 hour or longer. If left overnight,the chapatis will be very light and tender.
  • Shape dough into balls about the sizeof a large walnut. roll out each one on a lightly floured board(using reserved flour) to a circular shape as thin as a Frenchcrepe.
  • Heat a griddle or heavy well-seasonediron skillet until very hot, and cook the chapatis, startingwith those that were rolled first. Cook for about 1 minute, turnand cook the other side, pressing lightly around the edges ofthe chapati with a folded tea towel, this encourages bubblesto form and makes the chapatis light. Wrap in a clean tea toweluntil all are ready to use.
  • Serve immediately.

    Makes 20 to 24.

    Note: These may also be fried in hot oil.

    Roti, Chapati (Flat Indian Bread) Recipe by Manjula

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