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Asian Beef Kebabs recipe

Cubes of marinated sirloin steak are threadedonto wooden skewers with slices of corn on the cob, zucchiniand green onions, grilled to perfection and served with an Asian-styledipping sauce.

Recipe: Asian Beef Kebabs

1 1/2 pounds boneless sirloin steak, cutinto 1-inch cubes1/2 cup soy sauce1/2 cup vegetable oil1/2 cup rice wine vinegar2 tablespoons sesame seeds2 tablespoons granulated sugar6 garlic cloves, finely minced1 teaspoon sesame oil*2/3 teaspoon red pepper flakes2 ears corn, husked2 small zucchini4 large green onionsWooden skewers, soaked several minutesin water

  • Place steak cubes in plastic zip-lockstyle bag.
  • Whisk soy sauce, oil, vinegar, sesameseeds, sugar, garlic, sesame oil and red pepper flakes in a smallbowl. Reserve half to use as dipping sauce. Add remaining marinadeto plastic bag. Seal; turn bag to coat meat well. Refrigerate4 to 6 hours.
  • Prepare outdoor grill with medium-hotcoals, or heat gas grill to medium-hot.
  • Meanwhile, cut corn and zucchini into1-inch pieces. Cut each green onion into 3 pieces, each pieceabout 1 1/2-inches long.
  • Cook corn in boiling water to cover for2 to 3 minutes. Drain off water.
  • Thread meat cubes onto skewers, alternatingmeat pieces with corn, zucchini and green onions. Brush oncewith marinade from plastic bag.
  • Grill kebabs, covered, turning occasionally,12 minutes or until vegetables are cooked and meat thermometerinserted in meat registers 145°F (60°C) for medium-rare.
  • Serve with reserved marinade for dippingand hot cooked rice, if desired.

    Makes 6 servings.

    *Available in the Asian specialty sectionof most grocery stores.

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    I like having the steak and vegetables marinate separately, and in different sauces. For this recipe, I’ve got an Asian flair to the kabobs. To make it easy, I use store-bought salad dressing or marinades. My partner and I enjoyed reading this write-up; I just wanted to know do you trade featured articles or blog posts? I am always trying to find somebody to make trades with and simply thought I d ask.

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